Student Spotlight

Kamryn Schruhm | Dance Level 9 | Academic Year 11

Kamryn Schruhm has successfully auditioned for Victorian State Ballet Full-time Ballet Program in 2020. Kamryn has always dreamed of becoming a ballerina and she is well on her way to her goals and dreams.
Kamryn started her Ballet training at DanceStruck aged 3 years and has continued her training through the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus from Pre-Primary all the way through to her Advanced Certificate! You may recognised Kamryn as ‘Miss Kamryn’ as she also teaches our Lilac Program students with the passion and knowledge she has gathered from her own training with Miss Catherine & Miss Melissa. We are thrilled to see Kamryn’s talents being recognised by industry Professionals and equally thrilled to confirm that she will continue to teach for DanceStruck in 2020 as well as commence her full-time study at Vic State.

Toni Stathopoulos | Dance Level 8 | Academic Year 9

Congratulations Toni on your extraordinary success at Time to Shine Dance Competition Australia ! Toni was awarded the Ultimate Dancer this year at this prestigious Dance Industry Event – how proud we are of this once shy little girl who is just blossoming through her love of dance.
Toni specialises in Contemporary yet is also accomplished in Ballet, Jazz, Tap & Acro! Toni even creates her own choreographic works. Toni trains for over 15 hours per week to further her technique, artistic & creative knowledge. Toni is Dancestruck’s official Ambassador 2019 and also recently performs in Origins Dance Youth Company with critical acclaim !
We love that Toni has trained alongside Mia since they were little – how cute is this picture ( Toni is on the left with Yellow top !)

Mia Hayward | Dance Level 8 | Academic Level Year 9

Congratulations to Mia on her extraordinary results as a soloist competitor at MPAC 2019! These competitions allow dancers to develop their stage skills as they work towards a professional dance goal and career. Often dance categories & sections can 30+ competitors and to see Mia reach her personal best and receive special awards is a testament to her dedication to her artistic & technical training. Mia started her own ballet story in a 30 minute class as a kinder student (as an activity that might be fun) and that decision certainly has developed into a lifelong passion as Mia trains three days a week and takes private lessons with Miss Melissa to prepare for these dance industry events. Mia is shown here in the Centre Stage position in stunning Red Tu-Tu
We love that Mia has trained alongside Toni since they were little – how cute is this picture ( Mia is on the right with Blue top !)